Assessment of soil erosion trough the use of 137 Cs at Jaslovske Bohunice, Western Slovakia




The intention of this study is to provide a well-representative set of data on long term erosion rate in pilot area representing the loess hillylands of Slovakia. For this purpose, the 137Cs-method is most appropriate. Pilot area was chosen nearby the Jaslovske Bohunice village, Western Slovakia. The sampling strategy was based on a multiple transect approach. The analyzing was performed at Nuclear Power Plant Research Institute, Jaslov s ke Bohunice. The obtained data were interpreted using several calibration models expressing the relation of 137Cs activity to soil erosion-accumulation rate. The proportional model, the simplified mass balance model and the standard mass balance model developed at Exeter University, Great Britain, were tested. The highest values are provided by simplified mass balance model. The proportional model gives somewhat lower values. Considerably lower values were calculated by standard mass balance model. The most realistic are the values given by the last model, as this model uses the most comprehensive set of input parameters. The erosion rates calculated by this model range up to 34 t ha-2 year-1 and accumulation rates reach the maximum at 37 t ha-2 year-1.