Assessment of the reservoir sedimentation rates from 137 Cs measurements in the Moldavian Plateau



Reservoir sedimentation has been recognized as an important environmental threat in the Moldavian Plateau of Eastern Romania. Measurements of the 137Cs content of reservoir and, sometimes, floodplain sediments have been used to estimate the rate of sedimentation over the past 13-36 years . The estimated mean sediment accumulation rates in the reservoirs from three geomorphological subunits vary between 2.6 and 7.9 cm/year with an average rate of 4.6 cm/year after April 1986. Strong relationships were established between the individual sedimentation rates and the drainage area within the southern and central part of the Moldavian Plateau. The shape of the 137Cs depth profile was used as the main approach. Taking into account that the standard pattern is in the form of a cantilever and based on burial magnitude of 137Cs peak derived from Chernobyl two chief patterns of reservoir sedimentation were identified, shallow and deep buried cantilever, respectively.

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