Aspects of hydrochemical balance of "Las Tablas de Daimiel" (C. Real, Spain)



"Las Tablas de Daimiel" is a humid zone in South Central inland Spain, important for its rich bird wildlife. A working scheme was set up to study the hydrochemical characteristics of "Las Tablas". The objective was to provide interpreting data of the balance of the system. The confluence of the rivers Gigüela and Guadiana gives rise to"Las Tablas". The different behaviour of these rivers has been shown. The river Gigüela has a mineralising affect on the waters of "Las Tablas", while the Guadiana has a diluting effect. Results obtained show that the recent channelling of the Guadiana prevents the diluting of the waters, with a resulting imbalance in the system, unless corrective measures are adopted to reestablish the original hydrochemical balance.

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