Le Dévonien-Carbonifère inférieur du Priorat (Catalogne, Espagne): nouvelles données micropaléontologiques et interprétation paléogéographique



Within the Priorat (Catalonian Coastal Ranges, Spain) sedimentary sequence, several radiolarite levels occur, with radiolaria and conodont faunas. The main chert layer (near the top of the Les Vilelles Unit) may be dated from Tournaisian-Lower Visean age, according to the general Dinantian radiolaritic occurrence in the South-Variscan extemal zones: another syn-or post Visean V3b radiolarian chert occurs within the Bassetes Unit. The clastic Priorat sedimentary sequence may be compared with the Menorca Island or Chenoua (Algena) successions. This basin would be bordered to the

North by a margin where the Early Devonian (Montseny Massif to the N of Barcelona and to the East of Great Kabylia Massif in Algena).

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