Evolución geomorfológica del Llano de Azua (Sur de la República Dominicana)



The Llano de Azua region is located in the eastern border of the Hispaniola Neogene basins, in the Ocoa Bay sector. During the Quaternary its relief has been modelled by active tectonics and destructive exogenous processes. The tectonic activity have originated a variety of structural landforms related to the thrusting of the Cordillera Central over the Azua basin, to the NE-displacement of the Beata ridge indenter, and to the strike-slip faults of the Enriquillo-Plantain Garden system. The exogenous processes created larger variety of landforms, mainly of fluvial character. The relief in the area evolved by regional uplift, backward movement of the coastline, variations of drainage pattern and the tectonic curvature of the central-eastern landforms.

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