Content Development for eLearning in Engineering Education


  • Ashok Gupta


In last ten years or so the traditional chalkboard teaching has been supplemented by audio visual aids like overhead/ slide projectors and videos. The phenomenal growth of Internet has brought in a new teaching media - elearning. The declining cost of Personal Computers, easy and cheaper access to Internet, and improved quality of multimedia software has made it attractive option for both teachers and students. Multimedia courses over the Internet will have the potential to serve a dual purpose by enhancing the learning experience for resident students, while opening the educational experience up to distance students. The content development for web-based courses has to be treated differently than the traditional classroom teaching. Just posting of lecture notes, assignments and the solutions does not help the student in elearning. The content needs to be interactive acting like a virtual teacher. The content development for online engineering education for undergraduate and graduate courses would also need different treatment. A course on Engineering Mechanics for the first year engineering students based on Interactive Virtual Tutor (IVT) system and a course on Bridge Engineering based on Internet Knowledge Base (IKB) format for graduate students has been developed. The methodology adapted in Interactive Virtual Tutor and Internet Knowledge Base is explained in this paper.