Achievements during the 90's of Chile's ICT in Education Program: an International Perspective

J. Enrique Hinostroza, Ignacio Jara, Andrea Guzmán


This paper presents the main results of a national survey of the Chilean educational ICT infrastructure and its implementation in schools, and it puts these results in an international perspective. The survey was carried out in 1999 and its design followed the guidelines of the international SITES M1 study, sponsored by the IEA. In general terms, the results presented in this report place Chile in quite a good position in the international ranking with respect to several indicators related to ICT in education, especially in teacher training. Moreover, on many indicators Chile's results are similar or even better than the ones shown by developed countries such as Japan, Italy and France. Also, they show some challenges related to the provision of infrastructure (hardware) and ICT resources (software), particularly in primary education. Finally, they show opportunities for deepening further the instructional use of ICT in schools.

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