Expression of phosphate transporters in optimized cell culture models for dental cells biomineralization

Laure Merametdjian, Amandine David, Nina Bon, Greig Couasnay, J Guicheux, Céline Gaucher, Sarah Beck-Cormier, Laurent Beck


Phosphate is a key component of dental mineral composition. The physiological role of membrane proteins of dental cells is suspected to be crucial for mineralization mechanisms. Contrary to published data related to calcium, data on regulation of phosphate flux through membrane of mineralizing cells are scarce. To address this lack of data, we studied the expression of six membranous phosphate transporters in two dental cell lines: a rat odontoblastic cell line (M2H4) and a mouse ameloblastic cell line (ALC) for which we optimized the mineralizing culture conditions.


phosphate, mineralization, ALC, M2H4


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