Mineral density of hypomineralised and sound enamel

Elsa Garot, Patrick Rouas, Emmanuel d'Incau, Nicolas Lenoir, David Manton, Christine Couture-Veschambre


Molar Incisor Hypomineralisation (MIH) is a structural anomaly that affects the quality of tooth enamel and has important consequences for oral health. The developmentally hypomineralised enamel has normal thickness and can range in colour from white to yellow or brown. The purpose of the present study is to compare the mineral density of hypomineralised and normal enamel. The sample included eight MIH teeth from seven patients. MIH teeth were scanned using high resolution microtomography. Non-parametric statistical tests (Wilcoxon test for paired samples) were carried out. Hypomineralised enamel has decreased mineral density (mean 19%; p < 0.0001) compared to normal enamel. This weak enamel has implications in clinical management of MIH lesions.


Molar incisor hypomineralisation, X-ray microtomography, enamel mineral density, characterisation


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