Quelques examens cliniques de la variabilité morphologique des structures mobiles des régions orale et pharyngée


  • M Laude
  • G Thilloy
  • J.M Doual
  • M Danguy
  • A Doual-Bisser


This study is the sketching out of an application of the analysis of the mobile structures that has been described earlier. Its concentrates on three subjects of same age, same sex and connected typology in resting position.

We particularly find information on the vertical and sagittal situation of the lips, the tongue, the hyoid bone, the mandibulo-rachidian channel, the soft palate, the pharyngeal channel as well as the interrelations between these elements.

It also includes on the other hand, an approach of the possible relations between the organization of these mobile structures and of the maxillo-mandibular connections.





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