Altérations de l’artère dentaire inférieure en relation avec l’âge


  • O Obradovic
  • D Bogdanovic
  • D Cvetkovic
  • V Petrovic
  • V Pesic


artère dentaire inférieure, altérations artérielles en relation avec l’âge, age


The change of the inferior dental artery connected with age.

The inferior dental artery is, in its intraosseus part a blood vessel that undergoes changes during life.

Its changes as well as far as the anatomy is concerned as the structure of its wall.

Because of the hypertrophy of its elastic blade in advanced age, this vessel becomes sinuous. The thickening of its walls reduces its lulen which makes the artery angiographically «inconstant» and its identification uncertain. Because of the apparition of asymetric atheromateous changes, the diameter of the artery becomes unequal.

The structure changes of the inferior dental artery, together with the lass of teeth might be one of the essentiel factors in the progressive atrophy of the alveolar bone but also of the whole body of the mandible.





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