Incorporation du 3H-cortisole dans la pulpe dentaire et changements induits

C Karadzov, M Hristic, S Sedlecki, N Jokic


The incorporation of labelled hydrocortisone (3H-Cortisol) in the dental pulp of Wistar rats has been tested using autoradiography. Light microscopy showed that an hour after injection the hormone is incorporated in the nuclei of the odontoblasts, subodontoblastic and endothelial cells of the dental pulp.

It was also demonstrated at the ultrastructural level that a 4 week-treatment with high rates of hydrocortisone (16 and 32 mg/kg) at the time of rat intensive growth induces degeneration of the odontoblasts, pulp connective tissue cells and capillaries. High rates of hydrocortisone thus induces a decrease in the protective and reparative responses of rat molar pulp.


dental pulp; rat; hydrocortisone; 3H-Cortisole

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