Ultrastructure des microcalcifications du mésenchyme pulpaire des dents temporaires humaines

A Arys, C Philippart, N Dourov


Scanning electron microscopic observations of pulp calcifications in deciduous molars were correlated with microradiographic findings.

Numerous spherical calcifications were found in appearance similar to those in the permanent dentition.

In a second type, mineralization took the form of diffuse deposits of calcium.

The discrete diffuse foci coalesced into large islands of mineralized connective tissue.

A third type of calcification was observed in which rhombic crystals were associated in a spherulitic pattern.

The exact cause of the crystal formation is unknown. Moreover, as we are aware, the spherulitic calcifications have never been previously reported in this location.

The preliminary results indicated that mineralization in the pulp of deciduous molars, takes a variety of forms, suggesting that calcium deposition can occur by different processes.


pulp calcifications; deciduous teeth; ultrastructure

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