Etude structurale, ultrastructurale et microanalyse de perles d’émail multiples

W Bohne, J.A. Pouëzat, B Kerebel


Numerous enamel drops and compound enamel pearls were found on the radicular proximal faces of maxillary molars and mandibular third molars of a young woman. Enamel and dentin of compound pearls as well as cementum next to drops and pearls presented the same structure and ultrastructure as enamel, dentin and cementum of the corresponding teeth. Microanalysis did not reveal differences between enamel of the mother tooth and enamel of drops and pearls. The enamel drops had no incremental growth lines.

Cementum next to enamel drops and compound enamel pearls was acellular and covered occasionally with a thick layer of cellular cementum. Only enamel drops were partially covered by acellular cementum.

Close to the enamel drops and at their surface, numerous fusing globular calcifications were observed.

Formation of enamel drops and compound enamel pearls on dental root surfaces is rare. The simultaneous presence of numerous enamel drops and some compound enamel pearls on several roots of molars in the same denture seems to be an exceptionnal phenomenon. The involved factors inducing enamel formation remain still unknown. The multitude of both enamel drops and compound enamel pearl might be due to constitutionnal prédisposition.

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