A systemic approach to the oral problem of mandibular resorption


  • F.C.M Driessens
  • R.M.H Verbeeck
  • J.W.E Van Dijk


mandibular resorption, osteoporosis, calcitonin, estrogen, magnesium


It is argued that mandibular resorption can be considered as osteoporotic in nature. This calls for a systemic approach in its treatment. One aspect mostly neglected is the tendency of bone to bind calcium and phosphate ions. A direct measure for this tendency is the difference in pH between the bone extracellular fluid and blood plasma. This pH difference is directly reflected by the degree of saturation of blood plasma with octocalcium phosphate. Calculation of these degrees of saturation of about 2000 data of blood plasma compositions given in the literature indicates that calcitonin injection, estrogen replacement and magnesium supplementation increase the tendency of bone to bind calcium and phosphate ions and hence should be used in the therapy of mandibular resorption and of bone resorption in general.






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