Structure et ultrastructure de la pulpe de Vipera aspis (viperidae)

A.L Kattie, M.T Le Cabellec, M Cottrel, L.M Kerebel


The present paper using classical and transmission electron microscopy brings the first data on the pulp of the fangs of Viperidae (poisonous serpents with terrestrial or semi-aquatic habits).

The pulp of the fangs of Viperidae shows a poor collagen and fibroblast content and a high developed vascular system.

The odontoblasts are polarized, with a high organelle content. The interconnections are constituted of lateral «gap junction» systems.

At a late secretion stage, the odontoblastic processes show a poor cytoplasm, mainly constituted of microfilaments.


Viperidae; fangs; pulp; structure; ultrastructure

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