Anomalies de formation de l’émail chez les sujets présentant des fentes maxillaires

A Lagarde, B Kerebel, M.T Le Cabellec


A structural and ultrastructural study of teeth located in the vicinity of maxillary cleft and teeth located outside the cleft region, was made in 12 cases, using correlated light microscopy, microradiography and SEM. Ail teeth directly involved in cleft process presented gross hypoplasia of the crown where the enamel surface was hypomineralized. Globular calcified masses of different radiodensity were seen on the hypomineralized enamel surface. The teeth located outside the cleft region presented less pronounced anomalies constituted by isolated or groupe microhypoplasia on hypomineralized enamel. The observation of enamel pearl was not pathognomonic of maxillary cleft.


dental anomalies; maxillary clefts; ultrastructure; S.E.M

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