Examen au microscope photonique et au microscope électronique des capillaires lymphatiques de la pulpe dentaire humaine

C Marchetti, C Piacentini


The existence and the morphological characteristics of the lymphatic capillaries of the dental pulp have been and are yet discussed. In this study the morphological properties of the lymphatic capillaries of the healthy human dental pulp have been described at light and electron microscopy. For the investigation human enclosed incisive and canine teeth surgerly extracted and permanent premolars extracted for orthodontic reasons were used. On semithin sections the lymph capillaries are detectable as vessels of 15-50 microns in diameter with a very irregular shape and a subtle wall. No pericytes or muscular cells surround the endothelial lining. At ultrastructural level the lymph capillaries show a very thin and indented wall with protrusions towards the vessels lumen or the interstitium. The connections between adjacent endothelial cells are different and variously shaped : end to end contacts, overlapping between cellular protrusions and complex interdigitations among multiple protrusions of the endothelial cells. Sometimes the overlappings between endothelial cells determine intraparietal channels in communications with the interstitium and the vessel lumen. A discontinuous basal lamina and a network of filaments and fibrils surround the endothelial wall. Between the cytoplasmic organelles micropinocytotic vesicles, multivesicular bodies and the Weibel-Palade bodies are present.


lymphatic; dental pulp; ultrastructure

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