Comparative study of the alveolar resorption after radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy in man

Ph Libersa, M Laude


A prospective study of mandibular alveolar bone resorption has been achieved on 49 patients with upper aerodigestive tract tumor and treated by radiation therapy and/or a chemotherapy, on 30 patients who were not treated. All these patients were subjected to dental extractions followed by X rays in coronal and sagittal view, during at least one year, at the rate of one X ray every three months. The comparative study enabled to show a quite similar resorption for the two population, a slightly more important resorption on incisor and canin regions, and a stopping of the resorption about five months later according to dental extractions.

Radiation therapy and chemotherapy (therapeutic doses) may not have significant influence on alveolar bone resorption after dental extractions.


bone resorption; radiation-therapy; chemotherapy

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