Teratogenicity of 13-cis retinoic acid on the mandibulo-otic development of the mouse embryo: histological and histochemical approach

S Louryan, R Glineur, S Tainmont, P Van Dam


Oral administration of 400 mg/kg of 13-cis retinoic acid to 9 day pregnant mice gives rise to important maxillo-facial malformations. The first manifestation of teratogenic effect is an increase of density of cell death arising in the dorsal part of the first two branchial arches at day 9.5. These two arches become hypoplastic at days 10 and 11, and the preskelettic anlagen appear too late in comparison to control embryos. Meckel’s cartilage is too curvilinear and medially situated. Pre-ossicular and pre-mandibular blastemata develop with spatial distorsions which are well analyzable at days 16 and 17. They give some arguments to discuss several features of normal early development of this area.


mouse; branchial arches; embryo; retinoic acid

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