A 3 dimensional process of recording the human mandible movements


  • M.Th Verkindere
  • X Alzieu
  • J.Ph Lodter


mandibule, movements, space kinematic, mastication


A 3 dimensional process of recording the human mandible movements.

Our system belongs a general process made by the C.N.E.S. (Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales) in Toulouse; it records and measures the movements of body and limbs of spacemen. A test of this process is adapted for movements of mandible.

The system uses a various instrumentation: two electronic cameras; infra-red rays; reflectors; a multiplexor case; a magnetoscope; a dimultiplexor; a computer; two screens of control.

Four reflectors are fixed on the face of subject; two others are fixed on a metallic system that is glued on the buccal face of inferior canines. These reflectors record the specific movements of mandible.

Usual mastication and mastication on one side inturn are recorded in a young man with his natural teeth.

Some graphs are showed for example. A data processing system measures the trajectory of mandible in the three dimensions of space, according to time and rapidity of movement.

This video data processing seems to be a good method to analyze movements of mandible and mastication.





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