Lingual situation and mandibular morphology

A Doual-Bisser, J.M Doual, M Laude, G Thilloy


Is the balance of the hyo-lingual musculature very important about mandibular morphology and orientation of mandibular growth?

The purpose of this study is to detect the existence of possible reports between hyo-lingual position and mandibular morphogenesis.

The selected population is made of fifty children from eight and a half to ten and a half years old, who are thumb sucking and mouth breathing. The means of study are norma lateralis teleradiographs made when facial musculature is at rest position.

The statistical analysis implies a descriptive and correlative analysis of 82 variables, and a comparative study with an other sample.

In spite of anatomies bonds, it seems to be a relative independence between lingual morphology and orientation of mandibular growth. Perhaps head posture is it a more important mechanism!


growth; hyoid bone; mandible; morphology; tongue

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