Modulatory effect of fluoride and irradiation on rat molar rate of wear

A Markitziu, Z Weshler, M Avital, I Gedalia


The hypothesis was tested that fluoride (F-) modulates molar wear rate in the irradiated rat and that enamel solubility and dentin hardness are involved in this process. Seventy five 21 day-old rats were divided into 5 groups. Groups received either F-(25 ppm) in the drinking water or irradiation to the head (15 Gy in a single dose), or a combination of the two. The rate of occlusal wear was assessed by computerized planimetry.

The amount of wear was significantly higher in the F- and irradiation monotreated rats, while under combined treatment it did nor differ significantly from the control values. Fluoridation or irradiation suppressed enamel solubility, as measured by calcium release in the etchant. Dentin microhardness, expressed in Vickers hardness number, was enhanced after either treatment, but remained unaffected when F- administration preceded irradiation. Enamel solubility and dentin microhardness did not correlate significantly with the rate of occlusal wear.


occlusal wear; irradiation; fluoride; rat molars

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