NaOCl and EDTA irrigating solutions for endodontics: SEM findings


  • M Franchi
  • F Eppinger
  • G.F Filippini
  • G Montanari


endodontic irrigation, NaOCl, EDTA, SEM


Premolars roots of humans were manually instrumented with K-type files and irrigated with different solutions to evaluate the rate of cleaning of endodontic surface. Root canals irrigated with 0.9% saline solution or H2O2 (10 volumes) showed the presence of predentin and amorphous smear layer. Thick smear layer was always present on endodontic walls rinsed with 5% solution of NaOCl. Specimens treated with 0.2% solution of EDTA showed partially clean dentinal tubules orifices and remnants of a thin smear layer. Occasional uninstrumented areas of the same roots presented smear layer remnants and predentin with calcified bacteriae. The root canals irrigated with NaOCl and EDTA solutions alternated after each instrument showed at the dentin surface thick smear layer: only few dentinal tubules orifices were visible.

Endodontic surface of root canals irrigated with NaOCl during instrumentation and finally rinsed with EDTA solutions showed the most homogeneous ultrastructural pictures: partially clean dentinal orifices were detectable in the whole canals.






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