Morphometric computerized analysis on the dentinal tubules and the collagen fibers in the dentine of human permanent teeth

C Marchetti, C Piacentini, P Menghini


A morphometric analysis has been performed on important components of human dentine using an image computerized analyzer. The dentinal tubule diameter and their area percentage were calculated. Moreover the area percentage of the collagen fibers in the dentinal matrix was measured. These parameters have been evaluated in different areas of the coronal and the radicular dentine in permanent teeth.

Measurements have been performed on undecalcified and decalcified teeth and on teeth treated with enzymatic digestion to remove the organic non collagen matrix and to evidentiate the collagen fiber network.

The values obtained in different areas of the tooth and in samples sumitted to different treatments were evaluated by statistical analysis.

Dentinal tubule diameter and area percentage significatively decrease from the inner to the peripheral dentine both in the undecalcified teeth as in the decalcified ones and in the samples undergone to enzymatic digestion. The collagen fiber percentage in the organic matrix is significatively lower in the mantle dentine.


computerized morphometric analysis; dentinal tubules; collagen fibers; diameter; area percentage

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