Epidermoid carcinomal of the oral cavity: histopathologic study of 85 cases

A Milián, J.V Bagán, F Vera


In 85 cases of intraoral squamous cell carcinoma we have carried out a descriptive and statistical analysis of 8 parameters or morphological aspects: structural growth pattern, degree of keratinization, differentiation or similarity, nuclear pleomorphism, frequency of mitoses, inflammatory response, number of eosinophils and vascular invasion.

We have found that in 65% of the cases there was a cord type growth pattern, and 51% evidenced a maximum degree of keratinization. The neoplastic cells were characterized by a moderate differentiation and pleomorphism, 69% and 73% respectively, there being 1-3 mitoses/8 fields in 54% of the cases. We did not find very marked differences between degrees 1, 2, and 3 of inflammatory response (39%, 25%, 33% respectively). We observed vascular invasion in only 8,5% of the cases. The average value of intratumoral and peritumoral eosinophils was 18 and 37.


carcinoma; pathology

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