Oral lichen planus and diabetes mellitus. A clinico-phatological study

J.V Bagan, M Penarrocha, M.A Milian, J.M Sanchis


A study was made of 72 patients with oral lichen planus associated (n = 28) or not with diabetes mellitus (n = 44). No significant differences were observed between both groups in terms of the location of the lichen planus lesions on the buccal mucosa, palate, gums or floor of the mouth. On the other hand, the diabetics exhibited a greater frequency of oral lichen planus on the tongue. Atrophic-erosive lesions were more common in patients with lichen planus associated with diabetes. Finally, no differences were observed between the two groups in terms of absolute inflammatory infiltrate in the connective tissue of the oral lichen planus lesions.


lichen planus; oral; diabetes mellitus

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