«Hanseniaspora uvarum» the ultrastructural morphology of a rare ascomycete, isolated from oral thrush

E Emmanouil-Nikoloussi, M Kanellaky-Kyparissi, P Papavassiliou, K Koliakos, M Dermentzopoulou, CH Foroglou


Superficial fungal infections, including oral thrush, often affect aged full denture wearers and many individuals over 65 years old.

The aim of this study was to examine the ultrastructural morphology of a very rare yeast, named Hanseniaspora uvarum / guillermondi, member of the Ascomycetes family, whose pathogenesis and behaviour is not widely known.

The yeast was isolated from whitish lesions of the buccal mucosa of an 70 years old woman. The specimen was collected with a mouth swab and cultured in Sabourauds-Dextrose agar.

The identification of the organism was performed on the Api 20C Aux System.

The yeast colonies, after fixation in glutaraldehyde 3% for 1 hour were immersed in OsO4 1% solution for 1 hour and were «in tissue» stained with uranyl acetate. Ultrathin sections, were observed with TEM Jeol Cx100.

Our ultrastructural observations showed that this yeast had a thick cell wall in which the outer surface appeared fuzzy. In some yeasts we observed multilayered intracytoplasmic membrane a figure which is not described as far as we know in any yeast. Many vacuoles were frequently observed in the cytoplasm and especially in the center of the oval shaped cells.

Bilateral budding which form ascospores is identical for the morphology of this yeast.


Hanseniaspora-Uvarum; oral; mucosa; yeast; thrush

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