Stabilometry in the evaluation of the correlations between craniomandibular disorders and vestibular diseases

D Palano, G Molinari, M Cappelletto, G Guidetti, B Vernole


We examined three groups:

- 29 patients suffering from balance disorders and craniomandibular disorders but not from vestibular disease;

- 21 patients suffering from balance disorders, craniomandibular disorders and vestibular disease;

- 26 patients suffering from craniomandibular disorders but not from vestibular disease or balance sorders.

All cases were examined by the odontologist and otoneurologist and tested by computerized stabilometry; they were reexamined after six months of therapy by an occlusal stabilization splint. The static analysis of the results shows a significative reduction of the postural oscillations in all patients.


craniomandibular disorders; posture; rachis; stabilometry; balance disorders

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