Anti-DNA antibodies and circulating immune complexes (C1q-IgG) in recurrent aphtous stomatitis

A Rodríguez-Archilla, M Urquía, G Gómez-Moreno, A Ceballos


Anti-DNA antibodies and circulating immune complexes (C1q-IgG) in sera from 50 patients with minor aphtae at the moment of study and 50 healthy controls, were determined. The obtained results were correlated with chronological and clinical parameters of the disease. Our findings show a greater number of patients than controls with higher values of anti-DNA antibodies. The time from the last active stage of the disease conditioned the anti-DNA antibody levels (p< 0.001). However, no significant differences among the number of recurrences in a year or the number of lesions in a ulcerative stage and the anti-DNA antibody concentrations were observed.


anti-DNA antibodies; circulating immune complexes C1q-IgG; recurrent aphtous stomatitis

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