Cyclosporine A, an alternative to the oral lichen planus erosive treatment

J López-López, X Roselló Llabrés


We present a double blind study in two groups afflicted with Oral Lichen Planus erythematous of long evolution and resistant to other treatments. We tested on it a treatment with Cyclosporine A (CyA) which had been successfully used before by many dermatologists.

In the group A we used mouthwashes with a 5 ml Cyclosporine A solution to a 10% in olive oil of 0.4° of acidity for five minutes, three times a day for eight weeks. In the control group we used acetonide of triamcinolone 0,1% in aqueous solution. Patients in group A improved considerably in their symptomatology in a 90 % against a 60 % in group B. In group A we could appreciate a disappearance of the symptomatology after two weeks of treatment in 60% of patients against 30% in group B.

CyA can be an alternative to the conventional treatments in the acute period of lichen planus although it can not be considered as a first option drug because of the high cost of the treatment. For long term, results are not so good and we consider that extensive studies are necessary.


Cyclosporine A; Lichen Planus Oral erosive; treatment; oral; pathologie

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