Langerhans cells in odontogenic cysts. A retrospective study based on 142 cases

E Akhlaghi, N Dourov


Dendritic cells with the ultrastructural and immunocytochemical characteristics of Langerhans cells are commonly identified in lymphoid organs and in keratinized and non-keratinized epithelia, such as oral mucosa. These types of cells were previously described in the epithelial wall of periapical odontogenic cysts.

S-100 protein positive cells were demonstrated immunocytochemically in all of our 142 cases of odontogenic cysts (32 developmental cysts; 110 inflammatory cysts). Their tropism for squamous epithelia may explain their presence in the epithelial wall of odontogenic cysts. Their number is not always correlated with an inflammatory condition.


langerhans cells; odontogenic cysts

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