Area of dentinary diffusion during manual preparation of root channels

C.M Ferrer Luque, S Gonzalez Lopez, J.M Navajas Rodriguez de Mondelo


The purpose of this study is to show the existence of a correlation between the premolar and molar clenching forces obtained during a voluntary clenching exercise. The study concerned 32 volunteers aged 21 to 28 with no manducatory problems. The forces were obtained using a device with four Kiowa traducers arranged in a complete Wheatstone bridge. The analysis of the results obtained showed that there was a positive correlation between maximum molar and premolar. The analysis also shows that these results are a direct application of the theory of momentum. This enables us to propose a simple biophysical model to explain the functioning of the mandicatory system.


maximum bite force; manducatory system; occlusal traducer; momentum theory; voluntary clenching

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