Klammt's Elastic Open Activator: Ricketts' cephalometrics results


  • Josep Maria Ustrell i Torrent Universitat de Barcelona (UB)
  • T Hereu Facultat d'Odontologia Universitat de Barcelona, Espana.
  • J Duran Facultat d'Odontologia Universitat de Barcelona, Espana.


The purpose of this study is to investigate the orthodontic and orthopaedic real effects of the Klammt's Elastic Open Activator (EOA) in 25 Class II Division 1 patients in growing period. We wanted to determine statistically the cephalometrics changes produced in the patients, comparing the lateral cranium teleradiographies we took for the diagnosis with the ones we took at the end of treatment. At the end of this study we confirm that by using the EOA we obtained the desired effects, especially reducing the molar relation 2.53 mm and the overjet 2.56 mm. The EOA corrected the inclination and protrusion of incisors, although we cannot avoid the use of fixed appliances to round off. The reduction of 2.48 mm of facial convexity stands out as the most important skeletal effect; the facial depth angle increases 0.8 degree, and the maxillary depth decreases 1.16 degrees. The length of the mandibular corpus also increases 6.7 mm, although this change is mainly due to the growth of the patient. The changes in the aesthetic profile do not stand out.






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