Revolutionising the dental curriculum - delivering better oral health


  • J.E. Gallagher King's College, London


There is a paradigm shift taking place in healthcare with the recognition that every consultation should count for health - not merely the treatment of disease - drawing on the principles of health promotion and underpinned by a strong evidence-base for clinical prevention. Institutions such as King's Health Partners [KHP], an academic health science centre in London, recognise that its responsibilities extend beyond the clinical environment to the local community and beyond and that there should be greater emphasis on promoting health. This paper outlines recent proposals by Dental Institute as a clinical academic group within KHP to promote health, the underlying philosophy, actions taken and the evidence-based resources available, as well as the challenges to be overcome. 

Author Biography

J.E. Gallagher, King's College, London

Dental Public Health Unit, King's College London Dental Institute.





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