No 20 (2016): Postcolonial Crime Fiction

This issue contains some of the research carried out by the members of the POCRIF project, “Postcolonial Crime Fiction: a global window into social realities”, under the auspices of the Centre of Australian Studies at the University of Barcelona. The essays presented in this issue, except for one invited contribution, are the result of funding by the Spanish Ministry of Economy - Ministerio de Economía y Competividad, project FFI2013-45101-P.

No 19 (2016): Special monographic issue: Australia's Fundamental Challenges: Multiculturalism and Environment

In this short monographic issue, the Australian academic and law specialist Justin Dabner deals with the complications that arise in a nation which takes the model of British Common law for its judiciary, for both Indigenous people and its multicultural society. In a second article, Dabner moves into a totally different terrain, climate change, which is a subject of concern for every nation. Dabner points out that climate change, responsible environmental politics and action are, perhaps, Australia’s “greatest moral challenge” alongside the one mentioned before.

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