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Focus and Scope

Coolabah is the electronic journal of the paper edition journal formerly called EUCALYPT. It is the official journal of the Observatori: Centre d' Estudis Australians i Transnacionals - The Observatory: Australian and Transnational Studies Centre at the Universitat de Barcelona and aims for an academic audience and the interested general reader. The journal is an international forum for original research in the field of Australian and Transnational Studies and totally interdisciplinary in its content; it is double-blind peer-reviewed, open-access and online, and published at least once a year, and often boasts guest-edited monographic issues.


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Peer Review Process

COOLABAH, ISSN 1988-5946, is a double-blind peer-reviewed, open access electronic journal published at least once a year. We have an international review board of up to 50 members:

Isabel Alonso (Universitat de Barcelona)

Bill Boyd  (Southern Cross University)

David Carter (University  of Queensland)

Danica Čerče (University of Ljubljana)

Janie Conway Herron (Southern Cross University)

Kate Darian-Smith  (University of Melbourne)

Kristina Everett (Macquarie University)

Kathleen Firth (Universitat de Barcelona - Retired)

Paloma Fresno (Universitat de les Illes Balears)

Lucy Frost (Professor Emeritus, University of Tasmania)

Gerard Goggin (University of Sydney)

Bruce Gorring (Notre Dame University, WA.)

Vicki Grieves (University of Sydney)

Maria Grau (Universitat de Barcelona)

Oliver Haag ( University of Edinburgh and 'The Austrian Centre for Transcultural Studies' [Vienna])

Felicity Hand (Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona)

David Hoffman (Finnish Institute  for Educational Research)

Anne Holden Ronning  (Professor Emeritus, Bergen University)

Wendy Holland (University of Western Sydney)

Karen Hughes (Monash University)

Nigel Krauth (Griffith University)

Carol Leon (University of Malaya)

Donna Lee Brien   (Central Queensland University)

Maureen Lynch Percopo (University of Cagliari - Retired)

Sara Martín (Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona)

Alfredo Martínez Expósito (Melbourne University)

Christopher Macfarlane (Southern Cross University)

Elisa Morera de la Vall (Universitat de Barcelona)

Martin  Nakata (University of New South Wales)

Baden Offord (Curtin University)

Bill Phillips (Universitat de Barcelona)

Ulla Rahbek (University of Copenhagen)

Martin Renes (Universitat  de  Barcelona)

Catalina Ribas (CESAG Alberta Gímenez, Mallorca, Illes Balears)

Mitchell Rolls (University of Tasmania)

John Ryan (Southern Cross University)

Werner Senn (Professor Emeritus Berne University)

Katrina Schlunke (University of Technology, Sydney)

Stephanos Stephanides (Cyprus University)

Socorro Súarez Lafuente (Oviedo University)

Cynthia Vanden Driessen (Edith Cowan University)

Chris Wallace-Crabbe (University of Melbourne)

Terri-ann White (Institute of Advanced Studies, University of Western Australia)

Eleanore Wildburger (Klagenfurt University)

Publication Frequency

Journal issues are published at least twice a year.

Open Access Policy

The journal adheres to the BOAI definition of Open Access in that users have the right to read, download articles, and save them for future reading. Any quotation  from articles in Coolabah must carry the required reference to the journal, in accordance with our Creative Commons: cc-by 

Declaration of publishing ethics and best practices

Coolabah subscribe the Declaration of publishing ethics and best practices for scientific journals published by the University of Barcelona.

The University of Barcelona promotes the open access publication of digital journals and endeavours to guarantee quality and conscientiousness in the transfer of scientific knowledge. The University is committed to ensuring that the articles it publishes and the publishing process itself observe the Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). It is therefore essential that all of the stakeholders in this process—journal editors, reviewers, technical editors and authors—know and act according to the Code.

  • Journal editors should :

- ensure that the decision to publish is not dependent on the author’s race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnic origin, country of origin, citizenship or political persuasion;

- publish regular updates on the responsibilities of authors, submission requirements, the arbitration system used to select the articles and the evaluation criteria to be applied by reviewers;

publish corrections, clarifications, retractions and apologies when needed and not make use of any article received for UB-specific research assignments without the author’s consent;

- guarantee confidentiality during the review process, meaning (a) the anonymity of reviewers and authors and the confidentiality of the content of the articles, the reports submitted by reviewers and any other type of correspondence with or between the editorial, consultant and scientific committees and (b) confidentiality in the correspondence between the author and the journal committees or reviewers when the author wishes to clarify, change or complain about some aspect of the article;

- make certain that the integrity of articles already published is respected;

- act swiftly to eliminate from the journal or refuse to publish any article that has been found to plagiarise information from other sources.

  • Authors should

- understand that they are responsible for all submitted content;

- notify the journal editors of any errors in their published articles so that the appropriate corrections can be made;.

- guarantee that the article and associated materials are original and do not infringe on the rights of third-party authors and, when there are co-authors, guarantee that the consent of all the authors is obtained before the article goes to press.

  • Reviewers and technical editors should

- apply revisions that are objective, informed, critical, constructive and unbiased, where acceptance or rejection is based only on the work’s relevance, originality, interest to the public in question and compliance with the style and content regulations in the evaluation criteria;

- meet deadlines when this is possible and promptly inform the journal editor when it is not;

- avoid sharing, spreading or reproducing any information from articles still under review without permission from the corresponding journal editors or authors.


  • Departament de Llengües i Literatures Modernes i d'Estudis Anglesos UB
  • University de Barcelona
  • Australia Spain Business association (ASBA)
  • Freixenet Cavas

Journal History

Coolabah  is the electronic journal of the paper edition journal formerly called EUCALYPT, and has been published online since 2007, averaging two issues per year.