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CFP "Wounded Landscapes"


The remnants of the industrial revolutions and the perturbing speed of global capitalism are leaving indelible traces on Earth's territories. Wounded and mangled landscapes emerge daily before our eyes, while so-called progress has inflicted a colonisation process on nature, serving illusory economic growth. Cultural approaches and artistic initiatives can reframe the paradigm through which we observe, understand, and relate to the landscape and natural ecosystems. This edition of Coolabah seeks to explore creative responses to the diverse challenges that the natural ecosystems are suffering due to the invasive and unsustainable cycle of human production and consumption.

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Current Issue

No. 34 (2023): On Gases, Clouds, Fogs and Mists

This special edition of Coolabah, ‘On gases, clouds, fogs and mists,’ collects articles and creative writing on the theme of atmospheres. While set in a variety of geographic regions and spanning different historical time periods, a through line in these works is their concern for the embodied experience of atmospheres. They are also full of ghosts, monsters and unexplained apparitions, gaseous forms that demand our attention. These apparitions are not just figments of one’s imagination or mere frightened projections, they are made of real atmospheric effects that exist outside of human perception or narration of them.

Guest editor: Benjamin Kidder Hodges

Published: 2023-07-09
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