Brais Pinto: A Short History of the Galician "Beat" Generation

Christopher Herman George


Resumen || The Grupo Brais Pinto poets were forerunners of the modernization of Galician literature and politics in Franco's Castilian Spain. This importance does not lie in the five books of poetry brought out by the eponymous underground publishing house, but rather in the change engendered after the fact, and the subsequent quasi-mythical status of the members. It is precisely for this reason the group remains relevant today. Consequently, it is interesting to look into Xosé Luis Méndez Ferrín's suggestion that they were a sort of Galician Beat Generation. There are certain affinities that shed light on how they were and are percieved in the Galician literary system.

Palabras clave

literatura comparada; literatura periférica; poesía

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