Creaction and artistic investigation

Text, nature, body and gender


  • Yolanda HERRANZ PASCUAL Universidad de Vigo



current sculpture, text and sculpture, sculpture and nature, body and sculpture, gender


This article designates Sculpture as a point of my vital and professional interest. Therefore, I approach Sculpture (in its own concept): as an unfinished presence and affirmation in itself. In this way, its own negation and inescapable needs for its own critical questioning are integrated as a character.

As my nucleus of thought are Text, Nature, Body and Gender, this writing has been raised as a reflection that aims to expose an idea, whileas it defends a project, justifys a concept and action process whose general framework of action is Creation and Artistic Research.



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HERRANZ PASCUAL, Y. (2022). Creaction and artistic investigation: Text, nature, body and gender. Abriu: Estudos De Textualidade Do Brasil, Galicia E Portugal, (11), 281–316.