Rosalia, lieu de mémoire




Memory, Emotion, Subversion, Tradition, Space


This article documents and analyzes several systemic and textual practices that showcase the changes involved in the process of turning Rosalía de Castro, her figure and work, into a lieu de mémoire. Thus, the change from a vertical
authorial genealogy to another, horizontal and communal in nature, reveals itself as the first essential step for the emergence of new commemorative practices that bring new values to the resignification of the lieu de mémoire Rosalía, in a process that becomes accelerated starting in 2013 with the commemoration of Cantares gallegos’ 150th anniversary. These new practices, on the one hand, allow for an exploitation of the subversive power of memory and, on the other, confirm the extent to which the Rosalian tradition can integrate diversity. It is precisely this capability that constitutes its strongest guarantee of continuity.




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Vilavedra Fernández, D. (2021). Rosalia, lieu de mémoire. Abriu: Estudos De Textualidade Do Brasil, Galicia E Portugal, (10), 143–166.