Blood-red: dialogues between Luiza Romão and Lupe Gómez




Contemporary Poetry, Gender Studies, Lupe Gómez, Luiza Romão, Ibero-American Dialogues


This study traces dialogues between the poetry of Lupe Gómez and Luiza Romão, in order to verify how they subvert oppressive logics and place them selves as subjects of their discourses. In their poetics, the female body is seen as a literary tool that breaks with naturalised and reductive aesthetic and social struc tures. The paratexts of the poets will be analysed, either as poems from their works Sangria (2017), by Luiza Romão, and Os teus dedos na miña braga con regra (1999) and O útero dos cabalos (2005) by Lupe Gómez



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Sperber, S., & Lago e Lousa, P. (2021). Blood-red: dialogues between Luiza Romão and Lupe Gómez. Abriu: Estudos De Textualidade Do Brasil, Galicia E Portugal, (10), 221–246.