Hybrid Imaginaries: Emma Ríos


  • Marika Vila Independent Researcher




Emma Ríos, female authors and comic artists, Pretty Deadly (Bella Muerte), I.D., graphic novel


The success of American comics and Japanese manga that, since the end of the 20th century have invaded European markets and Spanish newsstands, have imposed their diverse imaginaries, did, at first, result in the Iberian Peninsula being deserted of its own production during those years. Over time, these have left an imprint that has had consequences for the resurgence of domestic creativity. It is possible to see their influence through the cultural mystification and aesthetic that are combined in the different symbolic elements of contemporary comics by following the trajectory of Emma Ríos in her incursion into the field of American comics through publications with Marvel and DC, and in particular by analysing the text Bella Muerte (Astiberri, 2016/2017; original: Pretty Deadly, edited by Image Comics) which the Galician author illustrates from the script by Kelly Sue DeConnick. It is thus possible to trace the desire for full authorship that culminates in the solo work (I.D., Astiberri, 2017; original by Image Comics) on identities and their construction.



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