The Web@classroom project: portables computers and wireless technology in the classroom

Jose Luis Ramos, Jose Luis Carvalho, F. Blasquez, R. Luengo, G. L. Casas, S. Younie, H. Bryn, T. Savage, T. Brendan, I. S. Arnedillo


The study was carried out in four European schools (pupils age 9 to13 years old) within four countries (Portugal, Spain, UK and Ireland). The adopted methodology was based in action-research procedures and it included multiple methods and techniques: systematic classroom observation of teachers and pupil work and learning activities; documentary evidence (teachers working sheets, schemes of work) interviews (with selected pupils); questionnaires to all pupils and staff at intervals. This methodology implied the construction and testing of data collection instruments. Data was submitted to a qualitative and quantitative analysis. A summary of the findings is presented in this text.

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