Biométrie mandibulaire en norma axialis. Proposition d’analyse et de diagramme architecturaux

K Harb, G Thilloy, C Delachapelle, M Danguy


We propose about Norma axialis incidence an architectural mandibular analysis, showing separately:

— the condylar structures (mediator centro-condylar axis);

— the corporal structures (lingulae axis = « A.S.C.P. ») and (symetrical corporal anterior axis= «A.S.C.A.»);

— the symphysar structures (symphysar axis from Ge).

The goal of the analysis is a diagram of the mandible which geometrizes her area, and a sagitto-transversal line which incorporate the symetry and provised orientation of three mandibular structures.

It is a method which:

— can be used in orthodontie and orthopaedy; the mandible is often a reference of the treatments;

— can be used in orthodontic-surgery, here we can localize the dymorphisis (condyle, corpus, symphyse) and can see the limits of the alveolar compensations;

— permets superpositions on the sagitto-transversal line to study the growth.

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