Etude immunocytochimique du développement de la cavité buccale du rat

A Casasco, A Calligaro, C Marchetti, P Poggi, M Casasco, P Menghini


Flow cytometry and autoradiography are extensively used for the evaluation of the number of cells in S-phase in order to study the proliferative activity within tissues and organs. The recent development of a monoclonal antibody against 5-bromo-2’deoxyuridine (BrdUrd), a nonradioactive thymidine analogue that is incorporated within DNA-synthetizing cells, allows the immunochemical detection of proliferating cells. The use of this antibody allows an immunocytochemical detection of proliferating cells «in situ» on tissue sections.

We have applied this new technique for the identification of proliferating cells within the tooth and other organs of rat mouth during development. We believe that this technique, for its precision and simplicity, may be a powerful tool for studying the citokinetic and the differentiation of normal and neoplastic cells within the mouth as well as in other districts of the body.


odontostomatognathic system; cell proliferation; cell différenciation; bromodeoxyudine; immunocytochemistry

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