Evaluation de l’efficacité d’une antibiothérapie dans la maladie parodontale humaine

F Cigana, F Doumenjou


12 patients suffering from advanced periodontitis with probing depths of 4 mm or more, were selected to assess the efficiency of an oral antibiotic during a period of 15 days in the treatment of periodontal disease.

Our double-blind test, shows a decrease of gingival inflammation involving a comparison of clinical and histological parameters. thus highlighting the indisputable therapeutic role of antibiotic therapy.

By means of a «t» test of Student a significant decrease in the plaque index, the gingival index and the bleeding index was noted between day 0 and day 15 as well as a significant increase in the recessions. However, no significant difference was obtained in the probing depths and the attachment level.

These clinical results were correlated with histological parameters, namely a significant drop in the volumetric density of the infiltred connective tissue, of the non collagenases structures, the blood-vessels and the number of plasma cells, in addition to a significant increase in the volumetric density of the non infiltred connective tissue, in the collagenous structures and the number of fibroblasts.


tetracyclines; periodontitis; inflammation; clinical study; histology

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