The connective tissue cells of human dental pulp: An histologic and immunohistochemical study

P Lyn, G Fiore-Donno, T Lombardi


Twenty human healthy teeth were extracted for orthondontic purposes and processed for histological, and immunohistochemical examination. Odontoblasts were pseudostratified in depth of 1-8 cells in pulpward direction showing the zone of Weil and the cell-rich zone in coronal third pulp. In the central part of pulp tissue, fibroblasts were arranged as a network. These cells strongly immunoreacted with an antibody (monoclonal and polyclonal) directed against the intermediate filament vimentin. The product reaction was specifically located in the cytoplasm. Near vessels occasional lymphocytes and mast cells were also present. Collagen fibers formed a plexus below the cell-rich zone in middle and coronal pulp.


pulp; fibroblast; man; histology; immunohistochemistry

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