Pulpal neuropeptidergic fibers

F Lo Bianco, G Borea, G Barbolini, L Lo Bianco


A study was carried out on Met- and Leu-enkephalin, Gastrin / CCK-, SP-, CGRP-, NPY- immunoreactive fibers using paraffin sections of dental pulp taken from 8 apparently normal teeth (wisdom teeth or teeth extracted for orthodontic reasons).

Within the limitations of the samples studied, dental pulp is characterized by the presence of sensory (Enkephalin-, Gastrin/CCK- immunoreactive) and pain fibers (SP-immunoreactive) and of fibers with a potent vasodilatory action (CGRP-immunoreactive) and by the absence of fibers with a vasoconstrictor action (NPY-immunoreactive).


immunohistochemistry; pulpal nerve fibers; neuropeptides

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