Comparative study of the tensile strength of composite resin bonded to unlased and lased dentin

D Bouvier, J.P Duprez, D Nguyen, M Lissac


CO2 laser irradiation brings about structural modifications at the dentin surface. The aim of this study was to compare the tensile strength of composite resin bonded to unlased dentin and lased dentin. Dentin specimens were prepared by vestibular surface sectionning, exposing a plane dentinal surface. 40 specimens received 20 individual laser impacts with a power of 4 W and a duration of 0.1 s. 20 specimens received no laser irradiation. Half of the 60 specimens was treated with Scotchbond 2™ and the other one with Schotchbond Multipurpose™. Composite cylinders were polymerised for 40 seconds to these specimens. Tensile bond strengths were determined at a crosshead speed of 5 mm/min and fractured surfaces were examined at SEM after the test. Unlased dentin had significantly higher bond strength that the lased dentin.


CO2 laser; adhesion; tensile bond strength test; scanning electronic microscopy

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